Whether you are fishing, camping, picnicking, snowshoeing, or just hiking through nature, Rusk County has a wide variety of parks open to the public. In alphabetical order, this list describes the major activities and facilities for each park in Rusk County. Most parks have phone numbers for information or reservations.

Audie Flowage-Perch Lake Campground
(715) 532-2113
(Fishing, camping, hiking, mountain bike, cross-country skiing)

Bruce Village Park
(715) 868-2185
(Ball field, lighted pavilion, play area)

Conrath Community Park
(715) 532-3647
(small gazebo, picnicking, garden)

Glen Flora Park

(Ball field, pavilion, play area)

Greenwood Park

(Nature study, birdwatching, hiking, snowshoeing, scenic creek)

Haley Park – Sheldon
(715) 452-5868
(Fishing, camping, picnicking, canoe access, covered shelter)

Hawkins Community Park
(715) 585-6322
(Two halls for festivals/receptions, picnicking, baseball, horseshoes)

Ingram Community Park
(715) 322-5610
(Pavilion, picnic area, walk-in cooler)

Josie Creek Park
(715) 532-2113
(Camping, fishing, archery, shooting range, picnic area, playground)

Lake Flambeau Community Park
(715) 532-5728
(Fishing, boat landing, picnicking)

Lake Flambeau Point Park
(715) 532-5728

Memorial Park
(715) 532-2600
(Swimming beach, lighted picnic pavilions, horseshoes, basketball, boat landing, playground,
tennis courts)

Murphy Flowage Recreational Park

(Camping, fishing, hiking, biking trail, picnic area)

O.J. Falge Park
(715) 532-2600
(Lighted picnic pavilion, horseshoes pits, fire pit, ice skating, volleyball court, small playground)

Riverside Park

(Hiking trail along the west bank of the Flambeau River)

Thut Park

(Picnic tables, horseshoe pits)

Weyerhaeuser Community Park
(715) 353-2215
(Lighted covered pavilion with kitchen and coolers, picnicking, playground, volleyball pit, baseball, tennis court with basketball hoops)

For more information on any of these Rusk County parks, call 1-800-535-RUSK or visit the Rusk County Visitor’s Center at 205 West 9th Street South, Ladysmith, WI.

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